Tuesday's Health Alert

The question is, "do cell phones harm unborn babies?"

The answer is unclear.

A Denmark survey's results suggest an increased risk of hyperactivity, impulsivity and difficulty concentrating in moms who report high cell phone use during pregnancy.

HOWEVER.. one of the paper's authors says the results are far from conclusive.

Many factors are at play.. it's even possible mothers who were constantly on their cell phones may have paid less attention to their children, who subsequently acted out.


Those foam mattress may be good for your back, but they can also make you sick.

Doctors in California say moisture from your body can provide a fertile ground for mold.

Right now, there is a class action lawsuit being filed against mattress maker Select Comfort.

The company modified it's mattresses to be mold resistant after 2005, but attorneys say it never notified customers who had older mattresses of the potential problem.