Old Gas Pumps Can't Meet High Prices

Posted by LaToya Boyce

As prices roll towards four dollars some gas stations are having a hard time charging you that much.

Four dollars a gallon was inconceivable when some of the pumps in our area were built. The numbers on the pumps don't go that high.

If  manufacturers can't come up with an affordable fix for the old machines, either the pumps will go, or the stations will have to close.

David Worrells in Catawba County had to stop selling diesel fuel for three weeks once it reached the four dollar mark. He finally got one pump up-fitted but the rest are waiting.

"You got to spend about $750 to get a new gear put in.....and that's the only way we can sell it" he says. "We don't make but 3 cent a gallon off what we do sell and that's on a good week and that don't even pay for the electricity it takes to run the pumps.  It's ridiculous, it's killing us, it's affecting our whole economy."

With prices predicted to soar even higher, Worrells will likely have to shut down more pumps unless he can come up with the cash to fix them.

Also, if gas station owners can afford the money to buy the part to fix the pumps, companies that sell them are so back ordered it could be months before the parts are available.