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Coyote Attacks Family Dog

Coyote Attacks Family Dog Coyote Attacks Family Dog

Posted by LaToya Boyce

A family in Piper Glen is asking where they should turn after their family pet was attacked.

Their dog KiKi  is in isolation at a local animal hospital after she was attacked by a coyote while she was in the yard with another dog.

Jake Tepper is the owner's grandson. He heard the commotion outside and was surprised by what he saw.

 "I opened the door and the coyote had the other dog by the neck, the jugular" he says. "I went and kicked the coyote and the coyote ran into the bushes."

Neighbors say there have been several coyote sightings but no local agencies are able to do anything about the wild animals. Kiki will be okay but her rescuer and his brother have to get expensive rabies shots because they touched her after she was attacked.

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