Patrick Henry to reopen in Richmond?

By Rachel DePompa, NBC12 News

Richmond's School Board will finally weigh in on the charter school debate. Members are scheduled to vote Monday night on the proposal for a charter school at the old Patrick Henry site.

After a year of debate, we will finally know Monday night if this now closed school will reopen.

When Patrick Henry Elementary closed last year it was the second smallest school in Richmond.

Now, dozens of parents and teachers want to see the building used again. This time, as a charter school.

Richard Day is leading the charge. Patrick Henry Initiative President Richard Day says, "It would be a major step in the right direction for Richmond Public Schools because a lot of parents, a lot of citizens, a lot of taxpayers, are looking for options and new ideas and new approaches to education."

If approved, the school would open in 2009. It would specialize in the arts and sciences. It would have about 125 elementary age  kids with enrollment  doubling and tripling over the next several years.  All of it, of course, is in the hands of School Board members.

Day says, "I hope they vote for it. I hope they vote for it nine to nothing in favor."

Several groups came  out against the plan Monday morning.