Friday's Health Alert

Researchers say the lower a woman's vitamin D level, the more likely she is to die from the disease.VO

Doctors at Mount Sinai hospital in Toronto also a say those patients are more likely to see the cancer spread.

This is the first time the vitamin has been linked to the progression of the disease.

The study does suggest too much vitamin D can be dangerous as well.

Researchers say they are trying to pinpoint the perfect level.


A new study finds the longer you spend in the classroom, the longer you live.

Data shows the gap in death rates between Americans with less than a high school diploma and college graduates has increased rapidly.

The reason -- researchers say Less-educated people generally have fewer financial resources, less access to insurance, and poor health literacy.


And heavy drinking appears to have more of a negative impact on women than it does men.

The American Society of Hypertension found that women who had more than 14 drinks a week are at a serious risk of developing an enlarged heart.

Doctors say the condition is hard to reverse and it could put women at six times the risk of heart attack.