Black Dog Syndrome

Black dogs and cats are least likely to be adopted from local animal shelters and most likely to be euthanized.

It's a phenomenon seen across the U.S. and it even has a name, Black Dog Syndrome.

WBTV's Kristen Miranda tells us why this happens and what is being done here to change an unfair perception.

There is a special adoption day for black dogs and black cats, hoping that people will take a look at these dogs that are discriminated against, not because of their breed, but because of their color. 

People assume black dogs are going to be aggressive, mean. A lot of times black dogs and black cats stay in shelters a lot longer than other dogs. There are a lot of reasons, myths and theories why.

They don't show up as well in the kennels, the lighting situation is not the same in the kennel. They just blend in. Website pictures do not do the black dogs justice. Black dogs in folklore have been associate with death and ghosts.

There are superstitions, folklore, same as the black cat. A lot of people think a black dog is bad luck. 

There are cats and dogs up for adoption. We are told that they are all really, really friendly. The hope is that even if they get one dog or cat adopted today, it would be a success, but they would like to see all of the pets in new homes. 

Is there anything that can be done? This is obviously something that they are trying to do. Is there anything else that folks can be doing out there?

Raise awareness, raise awareness, raise awareness.

It is hard to see them in the kennels, but don' t think about the black hair on your sofa, but instead, think about the cool, friendly dog you ll have.