Fun With Cheesecake

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Fun With Cheesecake


2 # cream cheese at room temperature

½ vanilla bean

1 cup sugar

1 cup sour cream

2 tsp vanilla

zest of ½ lemon

6 eggs

Scrape seeds out of vanilla bean by cutting in ½ and scraping the inside with the back of your knife.  Mix seeds with the sugar.  Cream cheese in a mixer until smooth.  Add sugar, sour cream and zest.  Mix until combined.  Add vanilla and eggs.  Mix to incorporate.  Do not over mix.  Pour into a 9" x 2" round greased cake pan or spring form pan.  If baking without a crust line pan with wax paper or parchment paper.  Bake in a 350* oven for 20 minutes.  Rotate 180* and lower oven to 325*.  Bake 20 minutes longer or until set in center.  The cheesecake should be a little jiggly in the center.  Remove from oven and run a knife between the cake and the side of the pan.  This will loosen the cake and prevent cracking.  Let cool.  Remove from pan when completely cooled and center is set.  Best to make cake the day before needed and let cool refrigerated over night.  Cut in as many slices as you wish.  Serve with some fun toppings on top or on the side for make your own cheesecake.  Enjoy!!!!!


1 cup sugar

3 T butter

½ cup cream

In a deep-sided pot mix sugar with some water to make a wet sand consistency.  Place over medium high heat stirring to dissolve sugar.  Let boil until amber in color.  Away from the heat add the butter.  Stir with a wooden spoon.  BE CAREFUL the sugar is extremely hot and the butter and cream with cause splattering.  When the butter is incorporated add the cream slowly.  Stir in.  bring back to one boil and let cool in the pot.  Drizzle warm caramel on top of the cheesecake and add crumble peanut brittle



2 strawberries per piece of cheesecake

1/s tsp of sugar per 2 berries

1 leaf mint chiffonade

Dice strawberries and mix with sugar.  Add mint.  Let sit 1 hour refrigerated.  Serve on side or on top.  Enjoy!!!!!