Gun Tracking

Charlotte's rising crime problem is the talk of the city.  Now, police are getting new help to find the bad guys and getting their guns off the streets.

Fingerprints make us unique from each other.  Tracking guns is no different.

New technology is making it easier to read those prints and solve more crimes than ever before.

Earl Woodham is with the ATF.  He showed us a place few ever see.

"There are a ton of weapons in here.  Well, there are probably over a thousand illegal weapons in this vault as we speak," he said.

The ATF is the only organization in the world that can find a gun on the street or used in a crime and take that information off that firearm and trace it back to the first legal purchaser.

An Anchor Jamie Boll reports, intricate tests conducted at the ATF's lab in Atlanta will allow investigators to track a unique fingerprint left by each gun.