Don't Cross the Line

As crime rises in Charlotte, our neighbors across the border have a message for criminals, "Don't Cross the Line".

Law enforcement officials in York County say criminal activity from Mecklenburg County is spilling over the state line.

At a news conference today they launched a new campaign to combat cross-border crime.

York County Solicitor Kevin Brackett claims criminals are onto his turf because of Charlotte Mecklenburg's inefficient criminal justice system.

"This isn't Mecklenburg County. This is a whole different ball game down here. We have the resources, the funding and the will to punish violent criminals severely," said Brackett.

York County officials have posted a billboard on Interstate 77 flashing a warning to traveling criminals.

"Don't tell me now that you didn't know what we were going to do to you.  We put up a sign on the border," said York County Sheriff Bruce Bryant.