The Cost of School Construction

It seems like the price of

everything is way up.. but there's one cost that's down.. and that's playing favorably as CMS rushes to build a record number of new schools.

One new alternative school and six new elementary schools made possible by the 2006 COPS.. that's money county commissioners granted without voter approval will open in just a few months.

We are within budget with what we said we were going to do and we are delivering it that's the key message. We made a promise and we are keeping it.

That's the good news. One reason for schools coming on or under budget is the slumping economy. The decline in the housing industry has made CMS find affordable and available labor quick. That's why it is now considering building a new McClintock Middle instead of renovating it. But the system warns the savings could be eaten up by rising fuel prices.

It costs money to bring materials to the site it cost more money for fuel to produce these materials.

Now the bad news...because of the slumping economy CMS may not get enough money from the county to house the seven new schools with the necessary staff. That's why the superintendent is already talking about cuts.

You have to determine if it's cuts in this area or cuts somewhere else I would bring that to the board.

Now let's tell you about the 2007 bond money voters approved last year. CMS says it will use that money next year to build six new schools that will open in 2009 and four in 2010.

Here's more bad news by 2011 CMS says it will begin to run out of money to keep up with expect in a few months you may hear news of a 2009 bond referendum to build more new schools.

The superintendent says he is talking to his staff right now to see if another bond referendum is needed.