New Details in UNCC Student's Murder

Since her body was found along the Catawba River in Mount Holly,

we've learned 20-year-old Irina "Ira" Yarmolenko.

died of asphyxiation.

But detectives won't say anymore about how she died.

There's no motive, and no suspects.

Today, the Mount Holly Police Chief took our reporter to the scene of the crime.

During the tour, he told us Yarmolenko's car was still running when it was found up against a tree stump.  The tires were spinning.

Based on police reports, here's the time line of Ira Yarmolenko's final hours.

She took an exam on the U-N-C-C campus at nine-forty-five.

She stopped at a nearby credit union just a half an hour later to use the A-T-M.

We're told there is surveillance video of her donating items at Goodwill at ten-thirty-five, but police are not releasing the tape.

Yarmolenko was last seen, 15-minutes later, leaving Jackson's Java, where she worked and often hung out.

The next two hours are a mystery.

At one o'clock that afternoon, two jet skiers found Yarmolenko dead, next to her S-U-V.