Growing Demand for Bank Tellers

Charlotte is the second largest banking center in the country.  There is a shortage of bank tellers, here, and across the country.

The reason for the demand is due to the growth in the banking community.

According to one study, there will be a 70-percent increase in the number of bank teller jobs by 2012.

In Mecklenburg County, alone, that translates to 4,000 available bank teller positions.

Central Piedmont Community College is offering courses to train people to fill these positions.

While you don't have to be certified to obtain a job as a bank teller, CPCC offers a special course for those seeking national certification.

The average pay ranges from $22,000  to $28,000 a year.

In this report, WBTV's Sharon Smith explains more about the skills necessary for a job in this field.