Hate in Our Community: The Modern Day KKK

As lawmakers continue to grapple with illegal immigration, local members of the KKK are using this controversial issue to recruit more members to their ranks.

One Imperial Wizard from Charlotte says the Klan is picking up new members every week because of immigration.

Virgil Griffin says the Klan is gaining steam and the group is just as strong as it's ever been.  He has carried the torch for 43 years and is the highest ranking Klansmans in North Carolina.

Griffin led a rally back in 1979 where several of his Klan members shot and killed five demonstrators in broad daylight in the streets of Greensboro.  In the end, all of them were acquitted.

Now, the 63-year-old is feeble and in poor health.  He needs an oxygen tank just to breathe.  His organization is just as anemic.  Despite his claims, membership is just as low as ever and you would be hard pressed to see a Klan march these days.

WBTV's Rob Tufano has been investigating this story for weeks and has more details.  Press "PLAY" to see this report.