New Home Nightmares

From realtors to contractors, a lot of trust goes into buying a new home.  It is often the biggest purchase a person will ever make.

What happens when you move in to a new home and things start to fall apart?

That's what happened to Sharon Ritzel when she bought her new home 5 years ago.  She has had nothing but problems for three of those years.

"We were going to put it on the market about two and a half years ago," she said.

She had an appraiser come take look at the home.  He found cracks in the bricks, poor drainage, and the front porch dropped almost 3 inches causing a more serious problem.

To pass inspection, they she was also told she'd have to take care of the mold.

Mike Caldwell is a Certified Mold and Mildew Inspector who was called to examine the house.

"They definitely have some moisture issues in this house," he said.

Gary Jackson is with the Jackson Law Group.  He says there is a reason why he's seeing more law suits for shoddy new home construction.

"We see issues of where buildings aren't being built the way they should be," and he added, "A lot of people think the new homes are safe because they're new."

WBTV Morning Anchor John Carter has more information about what you should look for before buying a new or used home.