Pineapple Gazpacho Date

Recipe Name Pineapple Gazpacho Date

Recipe Use

Ingredients Quantity Cost

Golden pineapple 1 each peeled and cored, lg dice
Cucumber 1 ea. peeled and seeded, sliced
roasted yellow pepper 1 ea prepared
Red onion 1/2 each small dice
Jalapeno pepper 1 each de-seeded and diced
lime juice and zest 2-3 ea
Rice vinegar 1T
brown sugar 3T
cilantro 1T
hot sauce optional

Method Portion Size Recipe Yield

1 Combine all ingredients and puree until semi smooth
2 Adjust seasoning and chill for 3 hours
3 Serve in chilled bowls with chilled spoons
4 Garnish with fresh cilantro and small diced vegetables