Herb Gnocchi

Sonoma Modern American
Herb Gnocchi

1 large pot of boiling water
1 food mill or ricer
ice bath
gnocchi roller

2 idaho potatoes
1 egg
1 T chopped parsley
1 T chopped sage
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
2 cups flour
Bake potatoes at 350* until soft but not over done. Pass thru food mill or ricer. Place on counter or cutting board. Beat egg and herbs. Make well in center of potatoes. Pour egg, salt and pepper in well. With scraper fold potato to mix. Keep folding until smooth. Add ¾ cup flour and continue to fold in till incorporated. Add ¼ cup more flour and fold until just incorporated. Roll a test cylinder about 2 inch long and 1/3 inch thick. Cut in ½. Add to boiling water if it holds together continue rolling long ropes, using flour to prevent sticking. If it falls apart add more flour. Test again. Cut ropes in ¾ inch pieces. Place on roller and press in center with stick and roll to form shell like shape. Roll out all. Add to boiling water. When floating strain out and cool in ice bath.

To Serve
You can brown them and mix with garlic, brown butter, and vegetables as an accompaniment to any seafood or meat. Bake them with tomatoes and cheese. They are very versatile. They can be Enjoyed like pasta!!!!!