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Yields 10 Servings


Amount Ingredient description
4 lbs. White cabbage
½ gal. White vinegar
1 tbsp. Juniper berries, crushed
1 oz. Caraway seed
1 oz. Marjoram
1 ea. Bay leaf
3 oz. Duck fat
4 ea. Onion, julienne
8 oz. Country ham, brunoise
4 oz. White wine
4 oz. White stock
16 oz. Apple sauce
TT Salt, black pepper
1. Mise en place.
2. Cut each cabbage head in ½; remove outer leaves & core.
3. Shave cabbage on a slicer.
4. Combine cabbage and vinegar in a marmite.
5. Add enough water to cover cabbage.
6. Bring to simmer; cook 30 minutes.
7. Strain cabbage; set aside.
8. Make a bouquet garni with the juniper berries, caraway seed, marjoram & bay leaf.
9. In a marmite, caramelize onion with duck fat.
10. Add ham, wine and stock; simmer.
11. Add cabbage, apple sauce and bouquet garni.
12. Simmer 30 to 40 minutes.
13. Season to taste.

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