Supped Up BBQ Potato Chip Nachos

Sonoma Modern American
Supped Up BBQ Potato Chip Nachos
BBQ Springrolls
Serves 8

Black Beans
1 onion diced
1 bay leaf
1 T chopped garlic
2 T olive oil
2 roasted diced
1 roasted poblano pepper diced
2 roasted Anaheim chilies diced
1 ½ cup dried black beans soaked over night
3 T chili spice
½ cup chopped tomatoes
water to cover
salt & pepper
1 # bbq pork
2 bags thick cut potato chips
1 # grated cheddar or pepper jack or monterey jack or manchego or a combination of your favorite cheese
In a pot cover beans with more water & bring to one boil. Remove from heat & let soak. Cook onion & bay in oil until soft. Add garlic & cook 1 minute. Add all other ingredients. Drain beans and add. Stir to coat with seasonings. Do not add salt at this time, it will toughen the shell of the beans not allowing them to cook. Cover with water & bring to a boil. Cook to reduce liquid & soften beans. When tender & liquid has thickened add vinaigrette. Season with salt and pepper (add hot sauce if you want it spicy). When ready to serve add BBQ. Heat thru and thicken liquid. Serve over potato chips. Cover with grated cheese. Enjoy!!!!!

¼ cup cider vinegar
½ cup extra virgin olive oil
1 T chopped garlic

Spring Roll
½ # bbq pork
1 cup cooked greens chopped
¼ cup vinegar based bbq sauce
In a sauce pan heat all ingredients. Simmer until sauce is reduced. You want the filling to be dry. Cool filling. Using Springroll wraps that are available at an oriental grocery store and 1 egg beaten with a tsp of water. Lay 1 wrap flat in a diamond shape. Place 2 - 3 T of filling 2" from the closest corner. Fold the corner over and keeping it tight roll it to the center. Fold the left and right corners over the roll keeping tight. Brush the unrolled wrap with the egg. Roll tight. Repeat. You will get the hang of it after a few. Theses can be frozen for up to 1 week. Pan fry while frozen (do not thaw frozen Springrolls) at 325* or fresh at 375*. Fry in a deep fryer or panfry in just enough oil too cover. Fry as you need and do not crowd the pan. Serve with duck sauce and soy sauce. Enjoy!!!!!