April 17, 2008 - Health Headlines

Premie Babies, Benefits of Red Wine, Your Kid's Nutrition

There's a new study on survival rates in premature babies...
The research out this week in the New England Journal of Medicine says girl preemies have a better chance of survival than boys.

Experts also want doctors to consider things like the gestational age-- that's the time from conception to birth.
The longer.. the better.

And, there's a better chance of survival if the baby got lung-maturing steroids before birth.

Earlier this week, we told you alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer in older women.

Now, there's research that red wine helps kill pancreatic cancer.

Doctors still aren't sure how it works, but they found it causes malignant cells to malfunction and die.

Right now the testing has only been done in the lab, but researchers want to start testing it in the body soon.

If you want your kids to do well is school, a new study says it's not just the books that matter but what's on their plate.

In Nova Scotia they looked at 45 hundred fifth graders who took a literacy test.

They found students who ate a well balanced diet were less likely to fail the test.

They say a diet of plenty of fruits and vegetables and not too much fat is a recipe for school success.