April 9, 2008 - Health Headlines

Depression & Alzheimers, Green Tea Benefits, Sugary Cereal

There's a surprising new link between depression and Alzheimers Disease.

Doctors used to think Alzheimers caused depression.  Now, they're finding it may be the other way around.

Dutch researchers found that people suffering from depression are twice as likely to develop dementia.  They believe depression lessen's the brain's ability to fight off the disease.

Green tea may be the key to slowing down breast cancer.

New studies found that an antioxidant in the tea slowed down breast cancer growth in mice.  Previous studies suggested green tea actually fought off the disease, but so far, that research is limited.

And doctors say keep cartoons on television and off cereal boxes.

New research finds that cereal geared toward children -- usually with cartoon characters on the box -- contains 52-percent more sugar and 15-percent more sodium thancereal geared toward adults.

So, bottom line -- if your kid is cuckoo for cocoa puffs, doctors say they might as well be eating twinkies for breakfast.