April 11, 2008 - Health Headlines

Alligator Blood, Balding & Heart Problems, Eggs for Middle-Aged Men, & Pediatric Drugs

Scientists are looking for protection against the strongest bacterial infections in a very unlikely place.

You're going to be surprised to hear how doctors are taking a *bite* out of those so-called "superbugs".

Proteins in alligator blood -- yes, alligator blood -- could help make medicine to fight off resistant infections.  Researchers started studying gator blood after noticing the reptiles get into bloody fights in bacteria infested waters without ever getting infected.

So,they're going to give it a try.

Bald men, breathe easy....

You may have heard the old notion that being bald increases a man's risk of heart trouble.

Now, doctors say that may not be true.

In a study of more than five-thousand men, researchers found little little difference in the danger of heart attack or heart disease between men with a full head of hair, and men who were bald or balding.

And while being bald may not be bad for men -- eating lots of eggs is.

Studies find middle-aged men who eat more than seven eggs a week appear to be at an increased risk of early death.

Experts also warn that people with diabetes shouldn't be eating any eggs... ever.

An independent medical group says hospitals should keep adult drugs away from pediatric units.

The group also says hospitals need to more clearly mark medicine meant for children. The recommendations follow a study that found drug mix-ups and overdoses harm more children in the hospital,, than previously thought.