Four ways to save on your energy bill

Saving on your energy bill

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - With temperatures in the 90's over the past few weeks, you may have cranked up the air conditioning and your energy bill along with it.

But WBTV's Micah Smith found 4 ways you can save on your energy bill.

First, consider buying energy-efficient appliances.

This may sound expensive but utility companies like Duke Energy will pay customers for making energy efficient choices.

Duke Energy offers rebates of up $525 on energy efficient HVAC systems, $350 on water heaters, and $100 on seal duct work.

But, for those who aren't in the market to make that big purchase anytime soon, one quick change homeowners can make is getting a programmable thermostat.

There are several programmable thermostats on the market that cost under $50 and they cater to your temperature habits for when your home, asleep, or away.

I talked to Travis Hill, general manager of One Hour Heating & Air and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, who says a programmable thermostat typically means less changes to the thermostat which translates to using less energy and a lower utility bill.

Hill also suggests checking doors and windows to make sure they are sealed properly.

Hill said this small chore can save big bucks.

"If your running your heat, your heats going to run outside same things with your AC your airs going to escape to the outside where it's hot. So you want to make sure its sealed and you're keeping all of that energy and everything inside the home," said Hill.

Hill said homeowners should also consider routine maintenance on their HVAC system.

Usually, customers just call for service when something goes wrong but they can save time and money by having someone check it out every few months.

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