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Horses in Hampton County stable abuse case recovering

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A group of 23 horses that were rescued from a Hampton County stable are recovering after suffering mistreatment at the hands of their former owners. 

"I feel like they depend on each other," said Sandra Williamson, the current caretaker of the horses. "They've been through so much together."

Sandra says It took months and a lot of time to get these horses nursed back to health and to get them to trust her, especially trust anyone else. 

"The relationship got stronger during this whole progress of getting them back to health," Williamson said. "Of course, it makes me happy to see them gaining weight everyday. They are more alert. They run. They play."

Just a few months ago, these horses barely had the energy to even walk around. Sandra says these horses still have a long road ahead of them, but as of now they are where they need to be. 

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