Some near Lincolnton still without power after Wednesday's storm

Power still out after strong storms

LINCOLN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Dozens of families in Lincoln County are still recovering after storms rolled through the area on Wednesday, destroying ten cars and four homes.

Power has also been out since then, and it's those who live in High Shoals who are working to carry on after the destruction.

The storm was so terrifying for a lot of residents that some believed a tornado had touched down. Lincoln County officials confirm that it was not a tornado, but strong 90 mph winds that brought down trees and left people without power for days.

For Michael Pooley, storm debris and uprooted trees are just a portion of his problems.

"I called my insurance and they said they only give you $500 for a tree removal like this, which is probably going to cost about 2 to $3,000," Pooley said. "It's been really stressful."

Pooley makes a living by renting out homes along School Street in the High Shoals area. Homes which have been without power for a couple of days due to this week's storms.

"It's going to require electricians, permits and a lot of extra work to get it fixed and back up to where it needs to be," Pooley continued.

Robin Baker says her home had no power for two whole days after this week's storm, so she and her husband left for the time being. Baker believes they would have suffered in this humidity without any air conditioning.

"I went and actually stayed with my mom. We kept calling family who lives nearby and were like, 'Is your power back on?' We were told it would take at least two weeks because of how many lines were down and how many trees were on lines and everything," said Baker.

Luckily for Baker, she didn't have to wait that long, her power was restored Thursday night. But there are other families who are playing the waiting game as crews and landlords continue to work on the damaged lines to restore power for everyone.

Pooley said, "We're going to work seven days a week, month to month, or more."

The good news is that no injuries were reported. City crews should have the power back on for the rest of the residents within a day or two.

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