Lawyer: Suspected burglar was unarmed when shot in the back and killed

Store owner charged with killing man

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Prominent lawyer George Laughrun is representing a store owner charged with voluntary manslaughter after he reportedly shot and killed an alleged intruder at his business.

Laughrun says he is disappointed in the charges and says his client will plead not guilty. Police say 49-year-old Alan Brett Corder shot and killed 20-year-old Justin Anderson after Corder called 911 about an intruder he saw in his store by way of a security camera.

By the time police arrived at Beauty and Garden Center on E. Independence Blvd, Anderson was found behind the building shot and was pronounced dead at the scene. Laughrun says North Carolina law states that one can protect their business and self and that Corder used discretion and obeyed the law.

Criminal Defense Attorney Roderick Davis has been practicing law for nearly 20 years. He says he has read about the story and believes charges are warranted.

"You can't kill someone if they are essentially stealing your property and running away," Davis said.

Davis also believes when all the evidence has been presented in this case the voluntary manslaughter charges could be upgraded.

"I think the person should have used much better judgment," Davis said. "Because now we have someone who is dead over a mere piece of property."

Justin Alexander's family lawyer, Justin Bamberg, says Alexander was leaving the business when he was shot in the back and was unarmed. Bamberg argues this proves the 20-year-old was no threat to Corder and killing him was unnecessary.

If and when this case goes to trial, lawyers think justice will be served.

"I have full confidence in the jury system," Davis said. "And I have full confidence the DA's office will prosecute the case."

Corder's friend, Thomas Johnston, says he feels for Corder. He says he is a good guy and he hopes his friend doesn't go to jail. But, he says he's not going to take sides.

"You have to do whatever the law says," Johnston said. "Whether it's fair or not."

Johnston believes this could have been prevented if Alexander wasn't trying to steal from Corden.

"I'd hate to be in his position," Johnston said. "But it's a tragedy that a 20-year-old thinks they can even do that."

Corder's next court date is August 27.

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