Seth Curry holds first ever basketball camp in Charlotte

Seth Curry hosts first ever basketball camp in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Over the past two years, Charlotte native Seth Curry has made giving back to the community a priority. The Seth Curry Foundation visited the Queen City this weekend for the first time for Curry's first ever basketball camp.

Kids piled into the gym at Charlotte Christian School, where Curry went to high school.

"To be able to come back to my hometown, Charlotte, my own high school, is very special to me," Curry said.

When Curry started his foundation in Dallas, he spent time opening after-school programs and refurbishing city courts.

Now, his NBA career is taking him to Portland, a community he'll surely want to get involved in.

"I'm excited to get back on the court and play every night," Curry said. "Hopefully I'll give them a boost and they're a better team than last year and can make some more steps to being a contender for a championship.

No matter where Curry's life journey takes him, Charlotte will always be his home.

"It's gonna be more special to be able to give back to the Charlotte community," Curry said. "Got some plans to do that coming up in the fall... it's going to be exciting."

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