Waxhaw neighbors report money missing from mailed cards and envelopes

Waxhaw neighbors report money missing from mailed cards and envelopes

WAXHAW, NC (WBTV) - A "mail mystery" is developing in one quiet Waxhaw neighborhood.

"People have been complaining about misdirected mail, and in some cases birthday cards being opened, the cash being taken from them," neighbor John Lepke says.

Cash, gift cards, even sports tickets – all, somehow, gone from mailboxes in the Silver Creek neighborhood.

But many torn envelopes reveal cards, still inside.

"It was clearly opened, and took the card out, and it was empty," another neighbor, a mom, says.

That mom says her teen daughter kept checking the mail for birthday cards family members sent with money. Then, one was there – but not the cash.

"It's just sad that someone could come in there and take your gift out without any remorse or second thought," she says.

Confusion, frustration, then a Facebook post, and the mom discovered, it's happened to several other neighbors.

"I've instructed relatives that send my children birthday cards just don't ever put any cash in an envelope," Lepke says.

Lepke scrolls through the dozens of comments on that Facebook post. Similar stories tell tales of sliced envelopes and missing money.

He says he's tried to take his mail complaints to the local post office, but can't get a response.

"You eventually give up trying to report it to the post office," he says. "And then you calm down a little bit from the frustration of having the mail go missing or misdirected and you forget about it, until the next time."

He says an immigration document was supposed to come to his mailbox – but it's nowhere to be found.

"Unfortunately, we may have to pay another 600 bucks to go through the whole process again," he says.

\WBTV reached out to a regional post office representative and the postal inspection service Wednesday afternoon. Neither said they had heard about the issue in this neighborhood.

The Silver Creek neighbors tell us, they're hoping their concerns get through to the right people.

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