Lake Wylie residents say 'stop work order' issued too late

Lake Wylie residents say 'stop work order' issued too late
(Source: Linda O’Neil)
(Source: Linda O’Neil)

LAKE WYLIE, SC (WBTV) - Lake Wylie residents who live on Bonum Road have been fighting residential developments and road construction near their homes for months, partially because of the environmental strain the sediment and erosion could put on Lake Wylie.

They say no one as listened to them, until now.

Sunday, heavy rain caused massive flooding along Bonum Road. The road is under construction, as a residential development is being built on the opposite side of the road.

The construction would connect Bonum Road to Charlotte Highway.

The residents did not want the road connected in the first place, but now they have other concerns.

Catawba Riverkeeper Sam Perkins says storm water has flowed from the construction site, over barricades and into neighboring properties and Lake Wylie.

It did not come as a surprise to the residents who live there, but this was the most extreme circumstance they've seen.

"What we're seeing now is not a continuation, but really it's as bad as its ever been," Perkins said. "I know sediment might seem benign to a lot of people but it actually causes a host of environmental problems."

He says one problem, is that the storm water flowed through a septic field before going into Lake Wylie.

"It's going over a septic field so there is about to be a literal poop creek if there is not something done to make sure the storm water flowing across this property is better managed," Perkins said.

York County issued a 'stop work order' on the developer, D.R. Horton , on Tuesday. It demands sediment that has flowed to other properties be removed by August 2 and other remedies be made by August 10.

"Our inspectors wear green shirts, and these Bonum road residents will hopefully be seeing more green shirts out there because we know that this is an important resource," York County Development Services Engineer Mark Boland said.

The stop work order and more concern for the environment and the constituents in the area is what Bonum Road residents were looking for, but they say it comes after the damage is already done.

"I would like to see a strong, full-throated response from the county council saying that this is unacceptable," Resident Ellen Goff said. "You wait until something bad happens until everyone gets on board and says yeah we've got a problem, we've got to solve this."

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