Best non-school related deals during SC's tax-free weekend

What to buy on tax-free weekend

YORK COUNTY, SC (WBTV) - This weekend a lot of shoppers will head to South Carolina to buy school supplies and other back-to-school gear. But not all of the tax-free deals are school-specific.

For those planning on shopping in South Carolina this weekend, there are a few non-school items that are tax-free.

One example is computers that will be tax-free. However, retail experts say shoppers should consider holding off on buying computers that tend to go on sale often or could possibly go on sale in the next few weeks.

Those sale prices could be better than "no tax" this weekend.

Computers like Macs are a good deal during the tax-free weekend because they usually do not go on sale.

Next, shoppers should consider buying specialty clothing which includes coats, swimsuits, costumes, skates, and diapers (both adult and kids).

Local lifestyle blogger Stephanie Bruce, who runs Gathered in the Kitchen, says the third kind of items shoppers should consider buying this weekend are home goods.

"There your duvets, your pillows, your shower mats, shower curtains, are all also going to be included in your tax-free weekend. Even if you don't have somebody in school, why not remodel your home on this tax-free weekend?" said Bruce.

Bruce also said bridal gowns, tuxedos, and musical instruments will be tax-free in South Carolina.

For a full list of items that are tax-free this weekend in South Carolina, click here.

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