Biological father files lawsuit against Jordyn Dumont's mother, killer

Civil suit filed in Jordyn Dumont's death

GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - The biological father of 3-year-old Jordyn Dumont, Josh Kinnett, has filed a lawsuit against the girl's mother and the man convicted of killing her.

The lawsuit, which is seeking damages in "an amount to exceed $25,000," alleges that not only did William McCullen kill Jordyn, but that the murder was caused in part by negligence on the part of the girl's mother, Jaylene Dumont.

Dumont was "grossly negligent," the lawsuit states, in that she "Failed to provide a safe home," "Failed to remove [Jordyn] from a home that was dangerous and injurious to her safety and welfare," "Failed to provide proper supervision for [Jordyn]," and "Participated at least to some degree in the physical abuse" of Jordyn.

The lawsuit comes just one day after McCullen was found guilty of first-degree murder by torture in Jordyn's death and sentenced to serve life in prison without parole.

McCullen, who lived with Jaylene Dumont, reported her missing from their Gaston County home in August, 2016. The next day, Jordyn's body was found buried in a wooded area not far from the home and McCullen was arrested.

No charges were filed against the girl's mother.

"William McCullen was killer," the prosecution said during closing arguments on Monday. "He didn't plan Jordyn Dumont's death, but his guilt is plain and simple because McCullen tortured the 3-year-old to death by beating and abusing her."

WBTV spoke to Kinnett soon after Jordyn's death and McCullen's arrest. He said as soon as he got the news about his daughter, he drove to Gaston County from his home in Illinois.

He said he spent a lot of time with Jordyn for the first part of her life, but that Jaylene Dumont didn't keep in contact soon after moving in with McCullen.

"There would be times [Jaylene] would call me up crying, hysterically crying - where to the point I got worried," Kinnett said in 2016. "She told me crazy stories - how he would beat on her and they would fight all the time and stuff."

Kinnett said he even considered calling the police about the alleged abuse but never thought Jordyn was in danger because her mother told him the little girl never complained about McCullen beating her.

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