First Alert: Storms cause flight delays, heavy rainfall ahead of unsettled week

FIRST ALERT: Storms cause flight delays, heavy rainfall as three First Alert Days declared this week

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Three First Alert Days have been declared as it looks like another unsettled week ahead.

Sunday's weather caused some flight delays at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

According to FlightAware, all inbound flights to the airport are being held at their origin until 8:30 p.m. Sunday due to thunderstorms.

Departure delays of 31 minutes to 45 minutes (and increasing) were reported due to thunderstorms.

While Monday holds a decent chance for showers and thunderstorms, the better chance for heavy rain will come Tuesday through Thursday.

That is why those have been declared First Alert Days.

Rain chances will stand at 70-80% Tuesday through Thursday. The biggest concern will be for potentially heavy rain. With a steady stream of tropical moisture feeding our way from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, any storm that forms will have the potential to produce heavy downpours.

The same pattern that has characterized two weeks of our summer so far is coming back for another visit.

There will be a steady feed of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic most of the week. This means rain chances will also be around.

Last week, several spots got good healthy rainfall totals. There were even some cases of localized flooding. Because of that, additional heavy rain isn't exactly welcome for those places.

In the week ahead, we could see more heavy storms with a few inches of rainfall possible.

While severe weather doesn't look to be the biggest threat, heavy rain can't be ruled out any day. Especially if we get several rounds of it, the potential problems could start to increase as the week wears on.

The concern isn't just for disruptive weather but also the possibility of localized flooding. Since many spots have already gotten a good dose of rain in the past week, those places don't really need much additional rain right about now. If heavy storms set up over the same places that have already received too much rain, more flooding is likely to develop.

We will, of course, monitor this all week.

If you need a bright spot, the increased cloud cover and rain chances should keep temperatures down a bit. We should stay away from the 90s for a few days.

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