Nail camp inspires girls to become business leaders

Nail camp inspires girls to become business leaders

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A nail salon owner started a nail camp for girls ages 8 to 15 this summer. Chris Davis-Orr, the camp founder and owner of Rip-Lash at Buff Salon, believes more vocational opportunities need to happen for young people.

Her clients motivated her to do something.

"I have clients who say, 'my daughter, she loves nails,' or, 'she is always doing her fingernails and things like that - do you know of anything she can do?" Davis-Orr said.

Davis-Orr decided to open a camp, and she was surprised at the response. Her first camp had 12 girls and she is doing another one in August to accommodate other kids who are interested.

The camp is for three days and costs $150. The campers learn about the business.

"They have learned basic manicuring skills, pedicuring," Davis-Orr said. "They have learned nail hygiene for themselves and it also addresses nail biting and nail care. We've made custom nail polishes - made body scrubs and will be doing lotions as well."

Campers say they are glad they came to the camp.

"I always wanted to become a nail tech since I was little," camper Janelle Hilaire said, "so I feel like this is helping me in the future as I get older."

The camp founder hopes the girls are inspired to become entrepreneurs after spending time at the camp. Last year, more than $8 billion was spent on nail salon services in America.

"It's definitely a career they can get into and actually make a sustainable living," the camp organizer said.

Campers are required to do classwork and have quizzes every day about the nail business. The camp organizer says the girls learn more about nails and lotions, but can touch on other subjects.

"For Math and Science students, they are learning the science of chemicals," Davis-Orr said. "Whether it be traditional polishes or gel polishes. For your engineering student - they are learning symmetry and design with nail art."

Students say the work they did for the nail camp will help them when they go back to school in August.

"It's also helping me stay focused," Hilaire said. "And, like, actually listen effectively."

Anyone interested in the nail camp can call 704-390-1586.

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