Union County teen recovering, looking for person responsible in hit-and-run

Union County teen recovering, looking for person responsible in hit-and-run

UNION COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - A Union County teen is asking drivers to keep an eye out for the car that hit him nearly one week ago.

Austin Morris said he was riding his motorcycle along Highway 74 in Matthews last Saturday night when a car pulled out in front of him.

They collided, and the driver took off.

Morris has broken bones and bad road rash, but finding the person who did this would definitely ease his pain.

"I knew we were gonna collide. There just wasn't nothing I could do," Morris said.

The teen said he was sent flying off the bike, he rolled in the road and skidded to a stop.

"It's something you'll never forget, the sound of the impact, the sliding on the asphalt. It's just something that you'll never forget," Morris said.

He was with a friend that night, and as Morris struggled to get out the road, his friend watched as the driver who hit him paused for a moment and took off, leaving him for dead.

"I mean I don't know how you could live with yourself after doing something like that," Morris said. "For all they know, they could have looked back and seen me laying there not moving and I could have been dead."

It's been a rough few days, as Morris has a broken collar bone, broken thumb and road rash all over his body.

He has a message for the person that him.

"They just need to come forward. They need to come forward whether its to the cops, news, whatever. I'd like to have the insurance because I got a lot of medical expenses," Morris said.

Right now, the teen says he's focused on healing and finding who hit him, but soon enough he'll be back on the road.

He thinks the car that him was a white four-door, 2006 Ford Focus and it should have bumper, tail light and trunk damage.

If you know anything about this hit and run, call Matthews Police at 704-847-5555.

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