Toyota of N Charlotte explains used car history reports and why they’re important

Here at Toyota of N Charlotte we know how overwhelming used car shopping can be. After all, we see customers doing it every day! It can seem like your to-do list is never-ending – you have to get financing, find insurance, figure out your budget, choose a make and model, take a test drive, etc.  However, there is one more step in the process that we highly recommend – pulling a vehicle history report. (Did we mention we provide you one for free with every Charlotte used car on our lot?)

Yes, you need a used car history report

What's so important about a vehicle history report? In our opinion, it helps you make the most important decision of all – should you really spend your hard-earned money on this car? We're here to give you the scoop on why you should ALWAYS ask for this report before signing the dotted line and climbing into the driver's seat.

Reason #1: You need to know what accidents and collisions the car has been in.

Every single time a car gets into an accident or collision, it loses some of its resale value. This affects you because you want to get a car with the best resale value possible! That way, if you decide to sell it down the road you're not going to lose a bunch of money. Ask the seller how many accidents the car has been in and make sure it's verified on the vehicle history report. Also, look for signs of accidents damage on the car like panels that don't meet, dents, mismatched paint, etc. so you can ask the seller if you don't see any accidents or collisions on the report.

Reason #2: You have to have a way to verify mileage, especially in a private sale.

Our Charlotte used car dealership highly recommends verifying the mileage on a car, especially if you're buying from a private seller. The mileage should be very close if not exact, and you want to make sure the number on the report is close to the number on the odometer. If there's a big difference between the two it could mean that the seller has tampered with the odometer and in that case, who knows what else they're hiding from you?

Reason #3: It's a good idea to know how many owners the car has had.

Why? Because the more the car has been bought and sold, the more chances you have of both accidents and missed maintenance. If the car has had multiple owners it's always smart to ask for car maintenance records, warranties, and any receipts that can along with repairs to give yourself peace of mind.

Get the reliability you deserve at Toyota of N Charlotte!

If you want to shop reliable used cars in Charlotte AND get your hands on a vehicle history report, call us today at (704) 875-9199! We're open seven days a week and provide free history reports on every preowned car on our lot. We'll see you soon!

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