Surveyors call York County residents for information about employment, not a scam

Keeping workers local

YORK COUNTY, SC (WBTV) - If you live in York County and you receive a call from someone asking for information about your employment, it's not a scam. The cold calls are an effort by the City of Rock Hill to collect data for economic development.

The City of Rock Hill has requested Winthrop University to conduct a random survey of citizens in York County. The surveyor will identify him or herself as a member of Winthrop University's research lab conducting a survey for the city of Rock Hill's Economic Development Office. The surveyors use cellphone and landline phone numbers gathered from local exchanges.

Knowledge Park Development Manger for the City of Rock Hill David Lawrence says the questions will focus on the person's employment and skills they have. They are specifically trying to find out how many people live in York County, but work elsewhere.

"They're leaving York County for their job and you see those folks on I-77 bumper to bumper," Lawrence said. "Trying to get to Ballantyne or uptown or on the other side of Uptown."

In 2015, the city conducted a similar survey and found that 52,000 people who lived in York County, left on a daily basis for work.

Now, the purpose of the current survey is to gauge the commuter's willingness to stay in York County for work, if a similar or better opportunity were to arise.

Lawrence says most businesses looking to relocate, want to know if there is a skilled workforce living in the area.

"Whereas 10 or 12 years ago it was about location, put me near an interstate--- now it's so much about talent," Lawrence said.

David Stringer is the CEO of Insignia Group, a Rock Hill-based company that employs roughly 50 people in a variety of knowledge-based positions.

"We are a software and a consulting company that helps car dealerships merchandise accessories," Stringer said.

Stringer says his company was located in Charlotte from 2001-2006, but relocated to Rock Hill.

"Well most of us lived here," Stringer said.

With more and more jobs involving some form of technology, the City of Rock Hill is hoping to show businesses that people who live here have the skills needed to qualify for those jobs.

"Come on in here and set up shop, because we do have the talent here and that's what we are trying to prove," Lawrence said.

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