Dilworth family searches for pet cat after someone takes the animal for ransom

Dilworth family's cat held for ransom

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A Dilworth family says they're heartbroken after someone stole their cat and held it for ransom. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are now involved in the case.

Lost signs of Fifty the cat have been posted all through the Dilworth neighborhood. The Kete family is desperate to get their furry friend back, but the person who found the animal is making demands.

Tiffany Kete, her husband Chris and daughter Gibson believe they've been forced into a game of cat and mouse.

"If we would have realized a couple of bucks would have solved the problem, I would have given him the money," says Tiffany.

"I'm angry that someone would do something like this, that's mean and has no purpose...doesn't serve them, doesn't serve us," Chris adds.

The Kete family says their beloved cat, who is known for roaming the neighborhood, was picked up by a man who is now demanding money for the cat's return. The person responsible for taking Fifty called the number listed on the cat's collar which connected him to Chris.

"The person called and said, 'Hi I have your cat, is there a reward?' and I said 'no he's not lost, I just saw him," says Chris.

The person on the other end went back and forth with Chris and led the family to a Circle K station on East Boulevard, but Fifty was no where to be found. Eventually, as the family continued to search for the cat, they found Fifty's collar and GPS tracking system in another part of the neighborhood.

"But in the meantime, we're just trying to keep the pressure on this," Chris said.

Chris says he tried multiple times to get the person on the phone again, but they stopped answering.

Now Charlotte police are working with the family to get to the bottom of the case and hopefully find Fifty. In the meantime, Chris describes his cat as a modern day Garfield who loves to sleep and eat. Chris said on Monday he has a message for the person who took a member of his family.

"Just tell us where you took the cat and this can kind of end here," Chris added.

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