Carolina Place Mall packed with visitors trying to score a deal at Build-A-Bear

Hundreds turned away at Build-A-Bear

PINEVILLE, NC (WBTV) - Carolina Place Mall was significantly busier than usual on Thursday, as hundreds of families waited in line at Build-A-Bear for a chance to score a good deal.

Build-A-Bear launched a promotion called "Pay Your Age" in which customers paid the same number for a bear as how many years in age.

Samantha Brimley tried to get a head start by getting to the mall at 8:30 a.m. with her three kids. She says there was already 200 people in line.

"When I got there, I contemplated leaving because the line was so long," Brimley said.

She says it took them five and a half hours to get through the line.

When asked if the wait was worth it, she said 'no.'

The stuffed animals range from about $14 to $28 on Build-A-Bear's website.

Lines got to be so long, Build-A-Bear had to shut down the promotion. Many were turned away, but were given vouchers to redeem at a later date.

"I was hoping to get a my little pony," One little girl said after being turned away.

"It was a $15 off voucher which was better than nothing," Michelle Smith said.

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