Friday's storm has Charlotte residents concerned about neighborhood trees

Friday's storm has Charlotte residents concerned about neighborhood trees

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Folks around Charlotte are still dealing with the aftermath of Friday night's storm. Dozens of trees have fallen and thousands have gone without power.

The scenery of trees seems to be withering away with each storm that hits the Charlotte especially in the Dilworth area, but folks there are hoping to weather the storm by their tree saving efforts.

BJ Smith, a Dilworth resident, says, "I feel like [trees] are blessings that God has given us."

With such passion for mother nature, one can understand how heartbroken Smith now is after he woke up to find many of the trees in his Dilworth neighborhood had fallen after Friday night's storm.

"You ride down the street and there's at least one or two causalities per street and its sad because our neighborhood was built in the late 1800s or the late 1900s, so most of the trees are about 80 to 90 or 100 years old."

The strong winds and heavy rains that brought down the trees caused lots of chaos for many areas throughout Charlotte.

Homes were damaged, roads were blocked and some people were seriously hurt.

Conditions were so bad at one point, thousands of home owners and businesses lost power for several hours.

Power has been restored for most of the people in Dilworth and cleanup crews have picked up most of the broken trees limbs and other debris from the storm.

In the meantime, BJ and his neighbors say they've been hard a work to make sure their area which is known for its beautiful canopy trees has plenty left for years to come.

"So when they do fall, we replant a tree for the next generation," says Smith.

In Mecklenburg County, Duke Energy has restored most of the power. The are just over 300 outages as of Saturday evening.

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