City council member takes to social media in support of bringing RNC to Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - On July 17, the Republican National Committee is set to decide between Charlotte and Las Vegas as host city for the 2020 convention.

While some Democrats say they won't vote to support the convention even if Charlotte wins the bid, one Republican city council member expressed support for the RNC Saturday.

Charlotte city council member Tariq Bokhari posted to his Facebook Saturday, supporting the idea of bringing RNC to the city.

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Bokhari posted that bringing the convention to Charlotte can showcase the city's strengths, even in a tough political climate.

"I strongly believe any city can showcase its strengths in the best of times, it's how we operate in the most challenging of times that defines a world class city," Bokhari wrote. "Now let's come together and show the world who we are, and how strong we are when we work together.

Late Saturday night, Bokhari posted again in attempt to rally his fellow council members to join him in the support, seeing it as an opportunity to bring both parties together for Charlotte's benefit.

On Monday, Charlotte council member Braxton Winston asked the public for comment on a possible Charlotte RNC in 2020, and he got some.

"It would be a huge mistake and a black eye on the city of Charlotte for us to reject the Republican convention for partisan purposes," Democratic senator Joel Ford said.

It's not an issue that totally toes party lines. Ford says it's all about opportunity for the city.

"I'm in disbelief that some of the members of the Charlotte city council would consider voting against a political convention when we are last in economic mobility," Ford said.

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Likely, if the next RNC heads to Charlotte, so will President Trump.

Some, like Democratic council members Lawana Mayfield, and now Justin Harlow, tweeted that Trump's presence is the reason they would vote against a Charlotte convention.

Gabe Cartagena is one of several residents who responded to a tweet by leader of the North Carolina Republican Party Dallas Woodhouse, who praised the city's bid for the big event.

"I am overall concerned that there was not a large movement from the council to reject this proposition as soon as it came up," Cartagena said. "I think it would be disingenuous to a large portion of our city who are minorities, who are put in direct danger by that rhetoric, to invite the megaphone for it."

For council to take this to a vote, the city's bid must first be accepted by Republican leaders.

They're expected to make that choice between finalists Charlotte and Las Vegas, at a meeting later in July.

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