Crime Stoppers: Parking lot rage escalates as woman shoots car radiator

Crime Stoppers: Parking lot rage

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - This isn't a case of road rage. It turned out to be parking lot rage.

The altercation started after 1 a.m. on a Saturday.

The gas station at I-85 and Sugar Creek is remarkable busy.

There are plenty of parking spots open, yet one car wants one particular spot and impatiently can't wait for a customer to back out. 

"Seems like this all started over somebody taking too long to get out of a parking space for someone else," said CMPD Detective Brandon Miller.

As the cars pass each other, angry words, get the (bleep) out of my way, are yelled out the window. 

"We don't really see people get that upset that quickly just over a parking space."

But they did. That brief insult caused the car which was leaving to stop short.  A woman in her mid-40s jumps out and walks back to confront the people who swore at her.

Two young women, who are dressed up like they've just come from a club or party, exchange more angry words.

"This is where the victim kind of made a mistake by actually confronting these people."

At this point, security guards intervene, forcing the combative pair back to their car.  You'd think this was over.  It wasn't.

We see the older woman with her dukes up, ready for a fight as the argument escalates. There is pushing and shoving, but the security guards again get both parties to retreat.

"Security did a good job of breaking them at first, but the rage and frustration between these two individuals brought them back together again."

And this time, one of the young women is waving a handgun.

"She doesn't necessarily point it at anyone at first, but again, just holding a gun in this type of environment is threatening enough."

Finally, security diffuses the anger and the two young women get back into their car and start driving away.  As they pass, more words are shouted, then there's a gunshot.

The bullet hits the radiator and we see a puff of steam.

"There were lots of people in this parking lot at this time of the morning and for these females to fire a gun into a parking lot, that's the people we need to get off the street."

Detective Miller says police checked all available cameras in the area, but were unable to get a license plate.  The women were driving a black, newer model Chevy, possibly an Impala or Malibu. 

If you know the car, or were in the parking lot the night of June 16th, call Crime Stoppers.  We pay cash for your information and don't ask you your name.

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