Piedmont Medical Center EMS offers tips to put on a safe home firework show

Piedmont Medical Center EMS offers tips to put on a safe home firework show

ROCK HILL, S.C. (WBTV) - Piedmont Medical Center medics say there are more close-calls than actual calls they respond to on the Fourth of July related to fireworks accidents, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

"It doesn't take much for it to be fun and having a great holiday to having one of our ambulances in front of your house and ruining your holiday," Director of EMS for Piedmont Medical Center Eric Morrison said.

Morrison says it is important to not mix alcohol and fireworks, so whoever is tasked with lighting the fireworks should be sober. He says never point the fireworks at people, pets or objects.

Morrison advises you to light only one firework at a time to be certain they have all been set off. He says if you do multiple fireworks at a time, one could be delayed in going off.

If a firework is lit, but does not go off they say to leave it alone for 20 minutes, then soak it in water and dispose of it in a metal trash bin.

"If it were to re-light at some point, then it's not going to set whatever its with on fire," Morrison said.

If you are minorly burned from a firework, medics say to put cool and clean water on the burn. They also say to keep the burn covered.

If you are more severely hurt from a firework explosion, you will likely be bleeding. While you wait for first responders, they say to put pressure on the wound and keep it above your heart. If the wound is gushing or spewing blood, it could be a sign of a hit artery. Morrison says to put together a makeshift tourniquet before help arrives.

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