Family: Daughter of slain Uber driver denied visa to attend accused killers' arraignment

Family: Daughter of slain Uber driver denied visa to attend accused killers' arraignment
Denia Medina (Credit: Photo provided by family)
Denia Medina (Credit: Photo provided by family)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It's been over a year since a Charlotte Uber driver was found dead in a wooded area of York County.

Marlo Medina-Chevez left home one evening in May 2017 to pick up an Uber passenger. He never returned home. The community galvanized. Family and friends searched. Everyone holding onto hope.

Then on May 25, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police's investigation led detectives to a wooded area in York County where they found Medina-Chevez's body.

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The 44-year-old husband and father had been murdered. His SUV and credit card were stolen.

Now, a year later, Medina-Chevez's accused killers, 20-year-old James Aaron and 25-year-old Stevens Diontray Divan Adams, are scheduled to appear in court later this month. The pair have both been charged with Medina-Chevez's murder and family members say prosecutors told them the defendants could possibly plead guilty.

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While his family is hoping to face the suspects in court, one family member says government officials are denying her that opportunity.

Medina-Chevez's said they have been waiting for the day when they could finally face their father's alleged killers in court, but one of his daughters may miss the court proceedings.

Denia Marcia lives in Honduras. US government officials denied her visa to come to the country for the suspects' arraignment later this month.

According to the family, US Embassy officials asked Denia Medina a series of questions and then denied the visa.

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"She was just so disappointed and I think we were even more disappointed because we thought it was a sure thing, with everything that happened with my dad I didn't think that anyone would say no and it's not like she's coming for vacation," Gaby Mota, who is one of Medina-Chevez's daughters said.

Mota says her family just wants to be together during this difficult time. She says they're not giving up though and they will continue to try to get their sister in Charlotte in time for the court appearances later this month.

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