Pageland mother says car seat saved her child’s life during wreck

Mother shares story after surviving crash

PAGELAND, SC (WBTV) - A Pageland mother says her 18-month-old son could have been killed after a wreck on Highway 207 last Tuesday afternoon.

The crash happened along the highway near John Doster Road in the Pageland area. Elizabeth Vick told WBTV that she was out with her infant son and mother when the crash happened.

They were making a trip to get some groceries when a car traveling in the opposite direction on the highway came across the center line and slammed right into them.

"Next thing I knew there was an explosion. That's when we hit head-on and our car flipped over the other vehicle," said Vick in an interview with WBTV Monday.

The mother said her car flipped several times. She said she began screaming after the crash happened, worried that her baby was seriously hurt. Vick said her mother, Donna Weiss, and her son, Joseph, were trapped in the vehicle.

Luckily, some Good Samaritans stopped at the crash site to help.

"My mom pulled the headrest up, unbuckled his seatbelt and the strangers reached in to the vehicle and grabbed the baby from my mom," explained Vick.

She said her mother had to be pulled from the smashed up car by first responders. All three family members were taken to the hospital.

Vick said the crash left her with a lot of bruises and a bulging disc in her back. She said her mother also has a broken femur. Miraculously, her child was barely hurt. Vick said Joseph only had small cuts and a burn from his car seat.

"Had he not been tight in that car seat he would have went right out the window," said Vick.

The family's SUV was destroyed. Vick snapped multiple photos of the car in the wrecker lot.

"I cried going and seeing the vehicle and wondered how we even survived," said Vick.

She said she posted about the wreck on Facebook for two reasons. She said she wants to find the good Samaritans that helped her family and she wanted to share her message about car seat safety.

"Make sure your car seats are installed properly and make sure the buckles are correct," said Vick.

The driver who hit the family has been charged according to Lance Corporal Gary Miller with the South Carolina Highway Patrol. Miller said 22-year-old Austin Eugene Herring was charged with driving left of center and driving on a suspended license.

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