Businesses prepare to sell fireworks in the Carolinas for the Fourth of July

Businesses prepare to sell fireworks in the Carolinas for the Fourth of July

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - The Fourth of July is such a big day for places like Red Rocket and other businesses.

The demand for these fireworks are so high, the people who run the business are staying open for 24 hours until after the holiday.

America's birthday is right around the corner, which means folks are lining up to get the biggest, brightest and loudest firecrackers that they can find.

Some of the fireworks don't come cheap. One box of Black Cats, which is a fan favorite, can cost almost $200.

Sales have been booming for businesses like Red Rocket.

A lot of times people from as far as New York to Florida make their way to South Carolina in search for the unique fireworks that you probably won't find as some of the explosives are illegal in many places along the east coast.

Some say the firework show must go on and the laws won't stop them.

"We drove an hour and a half away to get fireworks because North Carolina doesn't allow anything that doesn't come off the ground, I'm going to break the law," said one person, insistent on lighting fireworks this year.

Although the people who help run the fireworks store can't control if customers abide by state laws, managers are at least hoping there are no accidents when it comes to the firework fun.

"The big thing is that everybody celebrates safely," one manager said.

In South Carolina fireworks are legal, but laws vary between each city in North Carolina.

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