Customer recalls being held captive in Pineville Sprint store during armed robbery

Customer recalls being held captive in Pineville Sprint store during armed robbery

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Three men are wanted for robbing a Sprint store in Pineville Monday morning.

Pineville police say around 11:30 a.m., the men went into the store in the 9100 block of Pineville-Matthews Road with handguns and ordered two employees and a customer to get on the ground.

"Lay down, don't push no buttons, lay down, lay down," the men are heard yelling on a surveillance video.

The video reveals the anxious moments when this invasion took place Monday.

"You're doing everything you can so that person with the gun stays calm," the customer who was inside the store tells WBTV of the incident.

The customer, whose identity we are not publishing to protect his identity, was getting a new phone while visiting town. On a call with WBTV Wednesday, he says the first thing he noticed was a man pulling up in a ski mask.

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"I looked again, and it really registered and I said out loud, 'Oh, shoot,'" he says.

One of the men began yelling at the customer to get up, but told him no one was going to hurt him.

"All the movies you've seen flash through your head," he says.

But this was no movie and the customer says after he was put into a back room, things got more tense when these thieves got nervous. On the video, they are heard raising their voices at one another, a fourth person beeping the car horn outside.

According to a Pineville police report, more than $22,000 in phones were stolen in three minutes.

"Next thing you knew they were gone," the customer says.

Police later found the getaway car, a green and white Lincoln town car, stashed at an apartment, but are still looking for those who were inside.

Wednesday, officials told a WBTV reporter they were following some "good leads."

Anyone with information is asked to call the Pineville Police Department at 704-889-2231.

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