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Father challenges All-American football sons to a foot race for his 50th birthday

(Kristen Hampton | WBTV) (Kristen Hampton | WBTV)

Benjamin, Uriah and Christian Lemay might not have expected their dad to win, but they certainly expected he’d at least show up and keep his promise he made to his sons.

“I promised them when they were kids that I’d stay fit and in shape enough to race them on my 50th birthday,” Stacy Lemay said. 

Tuesday night, at UNC Charlotte’s stadium, Lemay made good on his word. 

The whole family showed up for support. Lemay’s three sons have all made names for themselves as All-American football players. 

They’re all fast, but not as fast as their dad. We should note, Stacy got a ten yard jump on his sons to even out the odds. 

In just 5.26 seconds, the 50-year-old man nosed over the finish line ahead of his boys. Then he took a few victory laps for good measure. 

“He’s done a great job staying in shape. It’s a testament to him and to my mom for kicking him out of the bed and making him go work out,” Christian said. 

Lemay said it wasn’t a competition per se, but more of a way to celebrate still being fast, at 50. 

“You gotta keep climbing the hill, don’t ever go over it,” Lemay said. 

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