Another hot day, President meets on immigration

Good morning!  Kristen Miranda here with you...I'm in for John Carter all week and we have a lot to tell you about when the morning news begins.

First things first, the HEAT.  It is going to be another hot day so if you didn't like yesterday, or the day before, you won't love this one.  Meteorologist Al Conklin is in to tell us just how warm it will get today and if there is any chance for some rain.  Better yet, he's going to tell us when a slight cool-down is coming.  So be sure to wake up with his forecast.

A couple of things happened overnight that I want you to be aware of.  A stabbing in Charlotte that sent a man to the hospital with some pretty serious injuries, and a crash near a construction zone on I-77 that really slowed down traffic.  Our reporters and producers are gathering the latest info from both scenes and we will have the most up to the minute information.

Believe it or not, there are STILL big problems at Charlotte Douglas International Airport for people flying the regional carrier for American Airlines.  Caroline Hicks will give us live reports from the airport where frustrated passengers are waiting...and waiting.

The President is set to meet with Republicans in Washington today as immigration and the stories of families at the US/Mexico border still top of mind for many people.  Tensions are growing over the policy that allows officials to separate kids from their parents if the parent is trying to enter the country illegally.

Do you tend to return things to your favorite stores pretty regularly?  Micah Smith is working on a story that is all-new this morning.  She explains why and how those stores are tracking you - and your habits.

If you feel like maybe you spend a little too much time on Instagram, the social media site is reportedly working on a solution to your addiction.

And North Carolina makes it onto a really fun list when it comes to people's summer travel plans.

The news starts at 4:30am...we hope you'll start your day with us.