Controversial 20-story building approved for Charlotte's Midtown

20-story office building approved

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - As tall towers take over Uptown in recent years, a Charlotte council zoning decision Monday means we may also start seeing them just outside Center City.

A new 20-story building is approved for Midtown, the tallest of anything else in that area.

"It seems like Charlotte just keeps getting denser and denser, and we're right in the middle of all of that," neighbor Heather Albee says.

Albee has lived in a neighborhood near 3rd and Baldwin, where the building will be built, for almost 10 years.

"We kind of liked the fact that it's not quite as metropolitan as it's become," she says.

The new project will cause a Novant building and several other businesses to relocate. While the developer is promising traffic lights and sidewalks to help with congestion, some who live close by are still not buying in.

"We don't want [Uptown] to move in," Pamela May says. "And this appears that's what's going to happen."

May is with the Myers Park Neighborhood Association, who fought the nearly 300-foot-tall office building when they heard about it.

"We came late to this, we were not aware, they caught us off guard," she says.

The association asked neighbors to petition council members to vote, "no."

"I hope people know this is something that was thought long and hard about," Larken Egleston says. "This is the future of our city to create density along transit."

This particular development will bring office space, retail, and dining, and a separate 240-room hotel.

While Albee, like others, worries about traffic and other troubles in the area, she can also see the benefits.

"I think it could bring a lot of revenue and hopefully smaller businesses into the neighborhood," she says.

Among several projects, the developer has pledged a $50,000 contribution for pedestrian improvements to the Cherry neighborhood in the area adjacent to the Cherry Neighborhood Park, and $200,000 to Partners for Parks and/or Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation for improvements to Cherry Neighborhood Park.

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