How to pack a car: Toyota of N Charlotte shares 5 tips

How to pack a car: Toyota of N Charlotte shares 5 tips
road trip tips
road trip tips

If you're hitting the road for your summer getaway, congrats! Road trips are an affordable and fun way to get out of town and see the sights. However, packing the car efficiently can be one of the most stressful parts of the trip. There's so much stuff, and you want it to fit AND be accessible at the same time. Toyota of N Charlotte is here with 5 tips to help ensure your packing experience is easy and stress-free.

Packing a car doesn’t have to be stressful

Tip #1: Decide how and where you're going to pack items.

Are you going to be towing behind you? Or are you going to utilize roof racks to help handle some of your gear? Either way, you need to ensure your car can handle the extra weight. Check your owner's manual to see how much weight roof racks and tows can handle, and be sure to install the equipment properly before packing a car. Our Charlotte auto service techs can help you check the logistics.

Tip #2: Pack an overnight bag for stops.

Stopping overnight on your way to your final destination? Consider packing a smaller, separate back to take inside with you so you can leave all of your heavy luggage in the car. This bag should contain items like changes of clothing, toiletries, and anything else you need to be comfortable overnight.

Tip #3: Keep your necessities close by.

On top of the overnight bag, consider packing a "necessities bag" when packing a car. This bag will hold everything you need to keep you entertained and happy on the journey. It should hold things like chargers, maps, snacks, medication, tablets, books, etc. and be kept within reach so you don't have to stop to retrieve it from the cargo hold or trunk.

Tip #4: Heavy items go on the bottom.

Always remember to put heavy items on the bottom, near the center of the car. If you stack them on top in the cargo area or trunk, you risk damaging what’s underneath them. Also, if you put them in the roof racks then you may find your car’s center of gravity is thrown off, which makes you more prone to a rollover in an accident.

Our Charlotte auto service techs can help you figure out towing and roof racks

Tip #5: Make sure you can see out the back.

Can you see out the back window when you’re done packing the car? How about your blind spots – can you easy check them? Make sure you have a full field of vision before you hit the highway so your road trip is safe for you and your passengers.

And don't forget to service your car! Remember, when you drive long distances at high speeds your car has to work overtime, especially when it's got extra weight to carry. Schedule service at Toyota of N Charlotte before you hit the highway this summer.

Want more tips, advice on towing, or just want Charlotte auto service to get your car prepped and ready? Call us today – we're ready and waiting for you at 704-659-2025!