Several students, faculty injured in deadly crash in Argentina

Local students, faculty involved in deadly crash in Argentina

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Several high school students and faculty were injured in a deadly crash while traveling in Argentina over the weekend.

The crash happened Sunday in Buenos Aires and involved a student travel group from Providence Day School in Charlotte.

According to school officials, ten students from the Upper School and two faculty chaperones were involved in a serious traffic accident while in Buenos Aires.

"Sadly, there was a fatality at the scene; however, it was not a Providence Day community member," school officials told WBTV. "We are using every available resource, including working diligently with multiple officials and organizations both here and in country, to gather more information so that we can provide care and support to our students, faculty, and their families."

Several of our students and two faculty chaperones were injured.

"We are all deeply shaken by the accident and are terribly saddened by the loss a non-PDS family experienced as a result of the incident," Providence Day leaders said in a statement. School officials say they have been in contact with the affected families to provide support.

"We were very deeply saddened to hear about the accident." Rev. Dr. Jane Fobel said.

Fobel is a member of Sardis Presbyterian Church. The church is located right across the street from Providence Day School. Fobel says the school is a good neighbor and will be supporting the victims the best way they know how - through prayer.  The church will conduct a prayer chain.

"It's sort of a telephone tree that we notify certain people," Fobel said. "And they spread it out to a network of prayer partners who are lifting this up in prayer and we will certainly remember them in our worship service on Sunday."

The head of school at Providence Day released a statement Tuesday:

Dear Chargers,

At least two school representatives are traveling to Argentina to assist in the situation.

"Once we have a better understanding of the families' needs and how our community can express its support, we will share that information. In the meantime, please continue to hold our Chargers close in your hearts," Providence Day leaders say.

Strangers are now thinking of the Providence Day family.  They say it's a parent's worst nightmare to hear your child is involved in an accident miles away.

"I just want to reach out and hug them all," Parent Chris Villasenor said. "And hope everybody is okay and gets home safe after this  - that's a scary thought."

A Facebook post states the students were on a Spanish Immersion trip from June 2nd-18th. The students stayed with local host families. They learned Spanish language in the day and explored and got a taste of what all the cities had to offer in the afternoon.

School officials say at this time they will not release the medical conditions of students and staff for privacy reasons and some of the injured are minors.

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